How is technology changing the hotel industry? With examples.


Technology continues to change the world we live in and change the hotels which we visit. We have identified the top 5 ways which technology is changing our hotels – and gave you some of our favourite examples.


Waste Management

Food, water, electricity and much more – hotels produce an awful lot of waste. These wasted resources not only harm the profits of hotels but harm our planet too. With investors and customers alike being more concerned than ever about sustainability and preserving the environment, waste management is becoming more important than ever. That is why hotels have turned to technology to help them reduce their waste!

Platforms such as Winnow can track, record, and analyse the use of food to reduce waste and save money. Other software, such as that created by GreyParrot, monitor, audit, and sort waste to turn waste into a resource.

Technology can even be used to monitor the environment within hotels to prevent energy wastage – check out this product by Rhombus Systems.


Property Management Systems (PMS)

Using PMS’s to decrease cost while increasing customer satisfaction is far from new in hospitality, but the advancement in these systems is fascinating. PMS’s such as MEWS can digitise the whole guest journey from booking to checking out, integrates payments, analyses and compares your data and even connects to other pieces of technology.

We have no doubt that the capabilities of PMS’s will continue to grow and be one of the most valuable tools for hotels.


Hotel reputation

Your reputation matters! It is important to keep on top of this and understand what guests like and dislike about your hotel. Turn hours of flicking through reviews into a quick and easy processes using technology.

Software such as that provided by GuestRevu can help you quickly analyse your digital reputation, survey guests, and monitor reviews on leading sites like TripAdvisor.



Now more than ever, guests will be seeking cleanliness in their hotels of choice – and technology can be used to satisfy their desire.

Technology can create cleaning products that can be used much more efficiently and last for longer. Take ACT CleanCoat™ for example, a self-disinfecting cleaning product for use on all surfaces, including surfaces with direct food contact.

Technology can even be used to identify spillages and dirty items throughout your hotel and restaurant – that is one of the many features of Zensors.

Utilizing these technologies can help reduce the staffing cost, increase the service and make a guest stay even more enjoyable.


Training and development

To run the best possible hotel, you need the best possible staff. That is why training and development is so important. Say goodbye to boring training days and PowerPoints because technology is making training and development exciting and so much more valuable!

Otolo is doing just that! Individuals can sign up to Otolo for FREE to connect with influential people in the hospitality industry. This platform generates mentoring moments and facilitates mentoring opportunities for those working within our hospitality businesses.   

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