7 Reasons Why a Mentor in Hospitality is Important

If you are considering a career in hospitality, YOU need a mentor, let us tell you why

– and HOW to get one for FREE


We reached out to the Otolo community and asked them why having a mentor is so important. Here is what they said:


Get promoted

Having a mentor makes you FIVE TIMES MORE LIKELY TO GET PROMOTED! If you have been seeking that promotion but are finding it difficult, then a mentor could be the key. A mentor will be honest about when you are ready for that promotion – and when you are not.


“Since it is an industry that is all about people, knowing the right ones can definitely help!”

I absolutely loved this quote from an Otolo member! Having a mentor is the perfect way to network, to meet the people who can really allow you to thrive in hospitality. Mentoring provides you with industry knowledge, but it also provides you with valuable social skills which you will undoubtedly draw upon in your career.


New opportunities

The Hospitality industry is vast – employing approximately 212 million people globally! So, there will be roles that you have not yet heard of and opportunities you don’t know are waiting for you. Speaking to industry experts can open new doors and can guide your career in directions you have yet to imagine.



Confidence is the key to success! A mentor can provide you with professional tips, personal guidance and emotional support, all of which can improve your confidence.


Get a Role Model

It can be hard to become a hotel manager or a director when you don’t have the right role model. Mentoring can connect you with successful people in the hospitality industry who have been in your shoes. They can help you learn from your mistakes and guide you to success.


A mentor can bridge the gap between education and work

If you have studied hospitality, you are already in a great place to start your career, but you need to know how to apply your knowledge in practice. A mentor can help you understand how you can use your skills to address the day-to-day operational challenges faced in the hospitality industry.


Address inequality

Okay, so this one is a little different. Hospitality, like many industries, suffers from a lack of representation at an executive level. Connecting career starters to influential people within hospitality can help break down barriers originating from an individual’s gender, race, sexuality, religion ect. Helping people tackle these issues ultimately creates a more diverse industry.




So, you know why you need a mentor, but how do you get one? Luckily for you, getting a hospitality mentor has never been so easy! Myotolo.com is a FREE hospitality networking platform where mentoring moments occur – you can even use this platform to find your own personal mentor. All you need to do is sign up today and watch your career thrive!

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